Generosity Videos

Check out our collection of helpful videos and find some inspiration for casting vision for your church.

A Culture of Generosity
This is an excellent example of how round up giving can create a culture of generosity. It also provides a great example of how to use round up to tell great stories of change in your community.

Introduce Gyve to your Church
Crosspoint Church in Georgia produced an amazing video on how to cast vision for generosity in your church. Crosspoint had the highest roll out adoption of any church to date and we believe this video was a huge catalyst.

Changing Lives with Round Up
This video was created to show the church the life change that came from donating their spare change.

Gyve Sign Up
This is a great video to share with your church to walk them through signing up on the platform. It’s short and easy to follow.

Round Up for the Youth
Using round up money, one church partnered with local shelter to help pay for transportation for homeless youth in the community.

Gyve helps create new fund
Using round up money from the summer months, this church helped the local school distract fund after school sports and activities for displaced and homeless children.

Round up the change from everyday purchases and donate the difference.

Round up the change from everyday purchases and donate the

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