Level 1

Roll Out Strategy

Having great tools is only half the battle. Understanding how and when to communicate your new generosity platform can be scary. What if you lose givers? What if it doesn’t work? Learn how the Gyve has been successfully rolled out at both large and small churches across the country.

  • Planning session with Outreach Top 100 pastor
  • Rollout video content and examples
  • Rollout email templates
  • Marketing slides, handouts and images

Level 2

Generosity Development

What can you do to close the gap between the vision you have for your church and the funding that you need to carry it out on an ongoing basis?

  • Generosity audit
  • Expand giving base and encourage new givers
  • Create strong mission and vision for donors
  • Increase first time givers, new recurring donations and total generosity

Level 3

Capital Campaign

If you went to Seminary, you didn’t take any classes on how to collect an effective offering or run a Capital Campaign. The topic of giving and money in church can be daunting. It almost always brings up negative emotions—not just in you, but the congregation, as well. It doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Learn how to manage and run your own campaign
  • Establish long term cultural change
  • Historical and current giving assessment
  • Technology and tools recommendation

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